Why our Service is the Best

Whatever you are looking for, We've got you Covered


We create a customized action plan for your project and guide you through it step by step.


We offer weekly market and project updates in the nft and crypto space to keep you informed and help you make informed decisions.


We specialize in setting up professional security systems that safeguard your servers from hacking and breaches, providing protection for both yourself and your community.

Mental Health

We provide weekly sessions with a web 3.0 psychologist available for mental health follow-up.


We offer a seasoned team to navigate your marketing channels and effectively manage your twitter & discord community.


We provide collaboration opportunities with established nft projects on all blockchains to boost your project's promotion and attract new potential buyers to your servers.


We specialize in modernizing traditional brands for web 3.0 using latest tech and design trends. Our aim is to update your brand image and appeal to tech-savvy audiences giving you a competitive edge in the digital landscape.


By leveraging our expertise and connections in the industry, we can help you partner with the right influencers, create engaging content, and effectively utilize social media platforms to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness.


We will create compelling written content to promote and describe your Project, highlighting its unique features, your artistic vision, and potential value. This will help attract buyers, build trust, and convey its benefits.

We've helped our clients land collabs with the following projects:

Know Which Blockchain is For You!!!


If you are looking to establish yourself on the classic Bitcoin Blockchain and Maintain your reputation and longevity in the space, Ordinals are for you. While this isn’t your usual NFT space, it has significantly increase in popularity recently, and could be where your Project finds its Home.


Solana has been a prominent player in the market for some time now and has established itself as the blockchain for both Degen and volatility enthusiasts. If you’re seeking to establish a presence in the NFT space with low gas fees, then this blockchain is the ideal choice for you.


Whether you aspire to create a project with extensive reach and prestige, or simply wish to be part of the original community in the NFT space, the Ethereum blockchain is the perfect fit for you. This is where it all began, and by launching your project here, you cannot go wrong.


Polygon is the latest buzz-worthy blockchain in the industry. Many Web 2.0 companies are integrating Matic (Polygon) into their ecosystem due to its practicality and low fees. If you plan to launch a game or an interactive NFT project, this blockchain is an excellent choice to consider.


  • We'll start by talking about your business goals and what you're currently doing for marketing.
  • We'll get to know your target audience and explore different ways to reach them.
  • Together, we'll create a customized marketing strategy that fits your goals and budget.
  • We'll decide on what success looks like and set up a way to measure it.
  • I'll explain how my agency can help you achieve your marketing goals and answer any questions you have.
  • If you decide to work with us, we'll agree on the next steps and start devising your marketing plan.
  • Meet our team


    Joey Sassine


    Joey (Tamsn) is a clinical psychologist, Musician, full time Web 3.0 Project manager and Founder of Ascend Web 3.0. He has been instrumental in selling out more than 10 NFT projects on multiple chains.

    Chris Saade

    Community Manager

    Chris (CheeseDust) is an ex-chemistry & biology teacher turned full-time Music Producer, Film Scorer, and Web3 Community Manager, taking on several NFT communities and building Discord servers for Web3 projects.

    Jose Gebrayel

    Collab Manager

    Jose (Papa Bear) is a Software/Web Developper, and currently a full time Collaboration Manager. Hes been in the Web3 Space for over a Year and has made many Connections and partnerships with Rising and Bluechip Projects.

    Elie Andraos


    Elie (P. o) is a clinical psychologist. He is
    a cognitive, behavioural and emotional processes therapist specialised in internet addictions, FOMO and motivational mechanisms as well as psychological disorders

    Hear what our Clients Have to Say



    CEO of Unfungible.xyz

    "Worked with Joey and the Ascend team a couple times over the last year and I can tell that they've never failed to deliver A+ results. From their professionalism, to deep understanding of the NFT space and its workings, you will never go wrong working with Ascend on your web3 projects."



    Founder, Operation Safe Place (Current Client)

    "The Ascend team has had a profound impact on our project and simultaneously a profound impact on my way of doing things in our other companies. If I had sum the Ascend team up, it would be with two words: Inspirational professionality. Their attitudes are excellent, they operate at the cutting edge of their craft, and they do exactly what they said they would do. I cannot recommend this team highly enough."



    FreelancerFounder, Degen mints, Satoshis Samurais (Repeat Client)

    "I have worked with these guys before and I loved their passion for their work. Whenever there was a problem that arose during the project development phase, they came up with solutions quickly to make necessary adjustments. I am working with them again now because I trust them and I have faith in the quality of their work. They are honest, hardworking, and, most importantly, experienced. This is my second project with them, and I look forward to working with them on a third project."